Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beads of the week past:)

These are the beads I made last week....hopefully,they've been annealed well...and now they will be incorporated in 'one-of-a-kind- jewelry:)....very soon.

Making beads is an addiction....and one can go on and on and on...with colour combinations,shapes,effects...textures....would be great to see what beads choose me as their creator:).

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My first glass beads

People have been making glass beads for many many years.It is an art and process that still continues to lure people.I learnt how to make glass beads at the Bead and Button show,2005 in Milwaukee with Kim Hickox and Jeri Warhaftig.With the classes came glass rods, a minor burner and a purchase of a beginners' kit , Cindy Jenkins' Making Glass beads and a batch of assorted frit from Arrow Springs.Having struggled with putting together the equipment and tools for almost 3 months due to relative lack of resource here,I have finally begun to make my own glass beads.And Jeri's my tutor and guide in this journey.Thank you ,Jeri, for the tremendous help,support and guidance.The process is extremely therapeutic and very heady:)....just don't forget to wear your didymium glasses when you make yours:).Hope you enjoy looking at my first batch of glass beads.